Cystine in White Blood Cells

Purpose: Comparison of outcome of analysis of Cystine in White Blood Cells
Scientific Expert: Mr. D. Herrera, e-mail:
Scheme Organiser: Dr. C. Weykamp, e-mail:
Analytes: Cystine in WBC's, related to protein
Number of Specimens/Year: 8 pairs protein and WBC pellets
Matrix of the Specimens: Protein is lyophilised, WBC pellets are liquid
Volume/Specimen: pellet equivalent to 5 ml whole blood
Number of Shipments/Year: One shipment of 8 specimens in February
Submission of Results: Via ERNDIM Interactive Website
Reports: Requested from ERNDIM Interactive Website
Certificate: Once a year issued by ERNDIM Board
Number of Participants: 37 (2018)
Status of the Scheme: Operated since 2005
Geographic Area: Worldwide
Limitation Participation: None
Cost/Year: 353 EURO (2019)
How to subscribe: Dr. Sara Gardner, e-mail:
Annual report: Click here for the annual reports