Special Assays in Dried Blood Spots


To provide an EQA scheme to be used when monitoring patients with IMDs using dried blood spot samples

Scientific Expert: Prof. J.R. Bonham, e-mail: jim.bonham@sch.nhs.uk
Scheme Organiser: Dr. C. Weykamp e-mail: c.w.weykamp@skbwinterswijk.nl

Allo isoleucine, C0 (Free Carnitine), Homocysteine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Methionine, NTBC (Nitisione), Phenylalanine, Succinylacetone, Tyrosine and Valine

Number of Specimens/Year: 10
Matrix of the Specimens: Haemolysed whole blood dried on filter paper
Volume/Specimen: The volume is determined by the diameter of the dried blood sample
Number of Shipments/Year: One shipmentof 10 specimens in February
Submission of Results: Via Results website
Reports: Requested from ERNDIM Interactive Website
Certificate: Once a year issued by ERNDIM Board
Number of Participants: 85 (2019)
Status of the Scheme: Pilot scheme in 2017-2018, full scheme from 2019
Geographic Area: Worldwide
Limitation Participation: None
Cost/Year: 225 EURO (2019)
How to subscribe: Dr. Sara Gardner, e-mail admin@erndim.org
Annual report: Click here for the annual reports