Explanation Certificate

The annual Report is the basis for the ERNDIM Certificate (see example below) and comprises all ERNDIM Schemes. The different character of the schemes is reflected by the certificate.
A certificate can best be reviewed in conjunction with the annual report on the website.
Certificates are issued by ERNDIM.  You will receive an email when the certificate is available.  Then the certificate can be requested via the website.
If you have registered as an Educational Participant for any ERNDIM schemes, these will not be shown on the Certificate of Participation.
Quantitative Schemes
For each scheme 4 columns are printed.
A “Yes” in the column “subscribed” means that you are subscribed for that scheme.
The column “Number of Analytes” has three subcolumns:
“Included in the scheme” shows the total number of analytes in the scheme (for amino acids e.g. about 30).
“For which results submitted by lab” shows for how many analytes you submitted results (can range from 0 to the maximum, being the number of analytes included in the scheme).
“Satisfactory Performance” shows the number of analytes for which your performance was satisfactory. Criterion: the number of analytes in green boxes in the annual report. This number can range from 0 to the maximum, being the number of analytes for which you submitted results.
Qualitative Schemes
These are the Proficiency Schemes.
“Subscribed” has a “Yes” when you are subscribed.
“Submitted Results” has a “Yes” when you submitted results and “Satisfactory Performance” has a “Yes” when your results are satisfactory (Criteria differ per scheme; please have a look at the annual letter of your scientific advisor).

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