How to Operate the Website


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 1.                  Make connection
Click on "Login” and fill username and password and click the button “Log in”. Please note that the password is Case Sensitive.
-          If you enter the wrong name and/or password for 3 times, these will be “Locked”. If this happens click on “Contact” and mail (automatically) to the website administrator. The website administrator will activate the username and password and gives you a message back.
2.                  Registration of your participant Profile
This is about your name, company……etc. All these data only have to be submitted once (and later when you have a change in address, name or so).
Click on “My account” (in the upper right corner)
Fill (or change) the input fields and click : “Save Profile”.
-          Fill as complete as possible. E-mail address has to be filled (obligatory).
-          At this page you can also change your password at “Password settings”:
Fill the inputfields and click “Save password”.
3.                  Define your method(s)
You have to define your methods once a year  at the beginning of a new scheme year(and later only when you change instrument).
Click on "Scheme year”.
Click on the scheme.
Click on “Methods”.
Click on “New method set”.
Enter a typical name for your method set in the de field “Name” (maximum of 10 characters)
In case you have more then one method set, tick the box “Default” for the method set that you want to be shown as default.
Click on “Save”.
For each analyte that you analyse: scroll in the field “Method” and select the method you use.
Click on “Save”.
(Click on “Cancel” if you want to “undo” the changes, before saving).
Change of method(s) during a running scheme-year.
If you need to change your method for an analyte/set of analytes during a running scheme-year you have to make a new method set for this (these) analyte(s).
-                      Add a new method set (for this analyte) as above
-                      Submit results for this (these) analyte(s) at this new method set.
-                      If you wish to add a second method set click again on "New method set" etc. etc..
-                      In case of more then one method set, make a clear difference between names.
-                      If you use a method which is not mentioned in the list please send an e-mail by clicking on “Contact”.
-                      M = Configure methods; for changing the method used (per analyte).
-                      X = Delete; for deleting the method set, only possible when you have not submitted any results for this set yet.
-                      E = Edit; for changing the name of the method set.
4.                  Submission of Results
Click on "Scheme year”.
Click on the scheme for which you want to submit results.
Click on “Results”.
Choose the sample for which you want to submit result(s). Scroll, select and wait until the screen has been refreshed. (In case of more then one method set, choose the right method set, box at the right of the sample number).
Fill your result(s) in the field “Result” and click on “Save”.
-                      On top of the page you can also fill "performed by" and "date" (for your own reference only).
-                      Use a “.” for the decimal point (“,” will be changed into “.” after saving)
-                      If necessary you can add your comments at “Please Enter your Comment”. To save the comment click on “Save”.
-                      Reset-button = if you made changes before saving and you want the first saved results instead of this alteration.
-                      Delete all-button = to delete all your saved results.
-                      You can change a filled result: just overwrite and click "Save".
-                      Submission or change of results is not possible once the deadline has passed (the buttons “Save”, “Reset” and “Delete all” will not work any more after the deadline).
-                      If you have a result with a < or > mark, only enter the result (without < or >).
5.         Request of Reports
            Click on "Scheme year”.
Click on the scheme for which you want to see the reports.
Click on “Reports”.
5.1 Cycle Review
If necessary, choose the sample and method set for which you want to see the report. Scroll, select and wait until the screen has been refreshed.
When you click at an analyte-name you get an analyte-in-detail-report of this analyte
5.2 Analyte in Detail
Choose the sample-number, method set and analyte for which you want to see the report. Scroll, select and wait until the screen has been refreshed.
5.3 Annual Report
The annual report is available after the last deadline of a running year. Choose, if necessary, the method set used.
6.         History
This is the starting point to view (and print as PDF) reports of the previous years.
You can only request the reports for which you have been subscribed.
Click on “History”.
You can choose, the year / scheme / 3 kinds of reports as described above.
7.         General information
The section "General Information" is freely accessible.
There are 7 buttons on the the left, each of which will lead you to detailed information. If you want detailed information click on one of these 7 buttons:
7. 1. ERNDIM Schemes
Information about all the available ERNDIM Schemes.
7.2. ERNDIM Background
Information about ERNDIM.
7.3. Interactive website
Instruction of using the website and explanations of the reports and the Certificate.
7.4. Access and Subscription
Information of how to subscribe to the available schemes.
7.5. Key Persons
All Key Persons in ERNDIM.
7.6 Login
How to login to this website.
7.7. Control Materials
Certificates of the current ERNDIM Control Materials and shopping online.
8.         Options.
8.1  Contact
Click and you can send us an e-mail.
Version ERNDIM  08-1; November 2008, IG