Qualitative Blood Spot Acylcarnitine Heidelberg

Purpose: To educate and assess the ability of laboratories to detect inherited disorders resulting in recognisable whole blood acylcarnitine profiles
Scientific Expert: Dr. Claus-Dieter Langhans, e-mail: Claus-Dieter.Langhans@med.uni-heidelberg.de
Scheme Organiser: Dr. Claus-Dieter Langhans, e-mail: Claus-Dieter.Langhans@med.uni-heidelberg.de
Analytes: Dependent upon disorder
Number of Specimens/Year: 6
Matrix of the Specimens: Dried blood spots on S&S903 filter paper
Volume/Specimen: 35-50 microlitre initial blood volume
Number of Shipments/Year: 2 shipments of 3 samples. Shipment dates are dependant upon sample supply
Submission of Results: Via email, fax or post to Scientific Advisor
Reports: Interim reports are emailed to participants twice per year. Annual report published in January-March of the following year
Certificate: Once per year
Number of Participants: 40-42 (2017)
Status of the Scheme: Operated since 2010 (split from London).
Geographic Area: Worldwide.
Limitation Participation: None
Cost/Year: 307 EURO (2018)
How to subscribe: Dr. Sara Gardner, e-mail: admin@erndim.org
Annual report: Click here for the annual reports