Access and Subscription

The general information on this Website is accessible to all. The Interactive part, used to submit results and to request reports is only accessible to those who have subscribed to a quantitative ERNDIM EQA scheme. Thus Participants who have subscribed for Amino Acids only have access to Amino Acids. Those who subscribed for all the quantitative schemes have access to the results and reports for all the quantitative schemes.

To subscribe to an ERNDIM EQA scheme please contact Dr. Sara Gardner at the ERNDIM Administration Office: mailto: Please indicate which schemes you wish to participate in and include the following information:

- Name

- Institute

- Address

- Zipcode

- City

- Country

- e-mail

- Telephone

- Fax

Please note that registration for a scheme year is open in the previous Autumn. While it is sometimes possible to register for an EQA scheme after the official registration period has closed this cannot be guaranteed. Please see for further details.


Quantitative Schemes 

Quantitative Schemes

Annual Cost (2016)

Amino Acids

246 EURO

Special Assays in Urine

160 EURO

Special Assays in Serum

151 EURO

Special Assays both

278 EURO

Quantitative Organic Acids

293 EURO

Purines and Pyrimidines

308 EURO

Cystine in White Blood Cells

304 EURO

Lysosomal Enzymes

525 EURO

Neurotransmitters (CSF)

306 EURO


Qualitative Schemes
Subscription to these schemes is not free due to the limited quantity of specimens available. As soon as you subscribe for these schemes ERNDIM will contact you to discuss if and how participation is possible 

Qualitative Schemes

Annual Cost (2016)

Qualitative Organic Acids

307 EURO

Qualitative Blood Spot Acylcarnitine

278 EURO

Proficiecy Test United Kingdom

396 EURO

Proficiency Test Netherlands

396 EURO

Proficiency Test France

396 EURO

Proficiency Test Czech Republic

396 EURO

Proficiency Test Switzerland

396 EURO

Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation

262 EURO

Urine Mycopolysaccharides

267 EURO